Using Green Apples in Your Wedding Decor

Brides are always looking for fresh and creative ideas for their weddings. Instead of limiting yourself to flowers, consider using some fresh fruit in your displays as well. For summer weddings, green apples will look terrific.

If you have not thought about using fruit in your wedding décor before, you may not realize how versatile it can be. Apples are a great choice, because they are hardy, readily available, and inexpensive. Not to mention that they can be eaten after the wedding. Red apples will give your wedding an autumnal look. For summertime receptions, the fresh color of green apples will be perfect.

The bright spring green of a Granny Smith apple looks fantastic as an accent color for a pink themed wedding. One of the most interesting ways to use the apples is to fill clear cylinders with them. You can then use that as the base for pink floral displays for the centerpieces. The green apples make a great contrast with the pink flowers. The pop of color will add liveliness and dimension to your tables.

Another fun way to use green apples is for your escort cards. Tie a small card bearing the name of each guest to the stem of an apple. It would be cute if the cards were in the shape of a leaf. The green apples will make a striking display lined up in rows. These escort cards make a nice change from the basic white ones.

Once you have found a few places to use the fresh apples, you may want to carry that pop of green into other parts of your wedding. It is such an easy color to use; it looks great paired with white or ivory, purple, pink, and even brown. Because it is an eye-catching color, a little will go a long way.

A nice place to bring in the apple green color is in your candles. Small round green votive candles will look lovely in clear glass holders. You can position them around the centerpieces on the tables. You can also use them to brighten up the powder room. Placing a few green candles with a mini vase of the flowers from your centerpieces in the ladies’ room is a great way to make that space more pleasant. It is those sorts of details that will set your wedding apart from the crowd.

There are other places where an unexpected pop of apple green color would be a nice touch. For instance, an all-white bridal ensemble could be brightened up with some handmade wedding jewelry featuring the apple green. Wedding jewelry can be handmade using apple green Swarovksi crystals scattered in with white pearls. It is a very fresh and pretty look for your bridal earrings and necklace. Your guests will be sure to notice your unique jewelry.

Of course, you will not want all of that great fruit to go to waste at the end of your reception, so make plans to use it. The escort card apples can certainly be eaten by the guests. If you have apples submerged in water as part of your centerpieces, you will probably not want to fish them out for distribution during the reception. An alternative would be to have the florist or caterer retrieve them after the party to donate to a shelter (you would want to have advance approval for this, as not all places can accept perishables).

Another terrific way to use the apples would be to have the caterer give them to someone to make homemade jars of applesauce and applebutter. Once they are sealed in jars, these things have a very long shelf-life, and would make a tasty memory of your wedding. Every time that you pull a jar of your wedding applesauce from the pantry, it will be a happy reminder of your special day.

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