Tips For Beach Wedding Decorations

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One thing you need to remember when preparing for beach wedding is decorations need not be expensive. Optimize the space you have outdoors and use a couple of lanterns and you’re able to transform the outside setting into a magical place.

For sunset beach weddings, for example, think about the orientation of the place. Do you want to be married facing the beach or with your backs turned against it – so that the beach serves as your backdrop for the wedding?

Consider your wedding march. You need to place a long red carpet for your traditional march. And, what a lovely sight it’s going to be when you walk along a lighted path made of paper lanterns towards the makeshift altar adorned with swags of soft and sheer fabrics and lovely flowers in vases and hanging tea lights! For sure, you’d look stunningly beautiful in your bridal gown.

The tables need not be expensive as well. Just cover it with a white table cloth and hang huge bows behind the chair, you will already get the effect most hotels have in their ballrooms. You may put highlights on the table by placing small candelabras or vases of flowers. For a more romantic look, throw in some petals in your tables to give that feminine and soft look.

If you have floating candles, a great way to use it is to place at least three of them in a bowl and let the candles swim in it. The candles will add lighting to your tables with hanging lanterns illuminating the whole area.

So, for that upcoming beach wedding, be bolder in expressing your individuality. It’s your day. Make it happen the way you dreamt about it.