Garden Cottage Wedding Decor

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There is something very appealing about the fresh and romantic look of a cottage in a rambling garden. If you are looking for a wonderful theme for your wedding décor, garden cottage style would be a beautiful choice. The comfortable, yet pretty, look of an English garden makes for a warm and inviting wedding reception.

When you start designing your garden cottage wedding, it will be important to choose the right venue. An outdoor setting is ideal, but an indoor location could work as well. Just be sure to choose a reception site that has plenty of natural light, and is not too modern or formal. Definitely shoot for a late spring or a summer wedding.

Cottage style is always cozy and inviting, and often a bit cluttered. Don’t be afraid to really fill up your space with little knick knacks or small floral arrangements in the various nooks and crannies. If your venue space feels too wide open and cold, warm it up with accents like decorative fabric screens and potted trees in the corners.

Painted furniture is one of the cornerstones of garden cottage style, so if your venue does not have this type of thing, plan to rent it. For the reception seating, white wooden slat chairs would be ideal. If you have the space (and the budget), it would look great to create a lounge seating area with whitewashed wooden side tables and coffee tables, along with overstuffed armchairs in a faded floral or a stripe design.

Flowers are naturally one of the most important parts of a garden cottage theme. They should be lush, abundant, and informal. You want the centerpieces to be full and overflowing, but simply arranged, rather like you just plucked these beautiful blossoms from your own garden and popped them into unfussy vases and other vessels. Us the types of flowers that grow in yards, not greenhouses. Great choices include roses, peonies, and lilacs.

The bride and her attendants will want their attire to fit in with the garden cottage theme. Look for dresses in feminine fabrics, such as lace and chiffon. You want to choose gowns that are beautiful, but not excessively formal. For example, the bride could wear something like a handbeaded chiffon draped over a silk crepe. A little sweep train would be just right. Another option would be a simple strapless gown created from a delicate lace.

The bridesmaids should wear equally pretty attire. Colors like pale pink, sage green, or lilac would be wonderful for their dresses. For the bridesmaid jewelry gifts, the bride should look for graceful and elegant pieces. Dainty drop pearl and crystal earrings and pendants would be ideal, especially with the matching bracelets. Gifts of bridesmaid jewelry are a great way for the bride to thank her attendants while adding the perfect finishing touches to their wedding ensembles at the same time.

Every bride wants her wedding to be pretty and romantic. A garden cottage theme is a great way to have a wedding that has a feeling that is romantic and distinctive. The relaxed backdrop of an English country cottage will make for a warm and inviting reception for you and your guests