How to Make Your Wedding Day “a Memorable One”

Have you selected your wedding gown, chosen the venue, booked the photographer, florist, caterer and still feeling like something is missing? Don’t know what to do next? Well, if YES, then you might use your remaining time choosing the right accessories for your special day. It is important to pick the accessories that not only make you look special, but also go with the design and colour of your dress!

Every bride wants to look special on her big day, i.e. the day of her wedding. If you’ve finally purchased your bridal wear and looking forward to buy the garnishing that will complement your gown and will make you look prettier, you just make the complete process a bit more personal. No doubt planning a marriage can be stressful and more of a nerve-racking experience, but it can be made easier by putting in some useful efforts and utilizing your valuable time.

In general, there are plenty of wedding accessories available these days, which include Jewelry, veils, earrings, shoes, bags, headpiece, handkerchiefs, etc. Other than this, there are many other factors to consider when it comes to accessorizing your bridal gear, which may include:

Factor #1: Choose the metals that go well with your wedding gown

It is important that you know what type of metal will work the best with your outfit. Suppose if you’ve picked a white dress, you may consider picking platinum or pearl and avoid gold embellishments as it may clash with your bright white outfit. And if you’ve decided to go with a diamond white gown, you may think of sticking to the traditional gold and silver trimmings.

Factor #2: Remember – don’t try too much

No doubt accessories add a touch of elegance to your outer beauty, but the fact is that plenty of it can spoil your appearance and make you look overdressed. So if you’re thinking of adding a beautiful veil, a necklace, tiara or classy earrings to your outward show, you must avoid designs that closely mimic the flourishes on your robe.

Factor #3: Must keep it comfy

If you really want to look like a queen and feel confident from inside, you must pick the dress that is not just good-looking but comfortable too. Moreover, when it comes to keeping it comfy, it’s not just about the dress that you’ll be wearing on your wedding. Another important factor that you must consider is to pick the right pair of shoes.

Factor #4: Keep it simple and be yourself

It is important that you stick to what you know and don’t try anything new. Moreover, your appearance must reflect the real you – not the tailored one!

Simple Wedding Dresses – Simplicity Is Beauty

When you are thinking about how to minimize the cost of your very own wedding, why not opt to wear simple wedding dresses? If you are the kind of soon-to-be-bride who wants to have a simple yet elegant wedding, then the first thing you need to do is find simple wedding dresses that will make you look fabulous. As the old saying goes “simplicity is beauty”, so staying modest is the surest way to be elegant.

The good news for a soon-to-be-bride like you is that cheap wedding gowns are usually the simple wedding dresses you find on numerous websites and catalogues. Too many details on wedding gowns such as intricate embroideries and additional bead-works would only overdo the design of brides dresses. It is disappointing to note that brides dresses that are overly done could potentially spell disaster when done poorly. Going simple is really the way to go for elegant brides.

The great thing about simple wedding dresses is that you can accessories it yourself. Yes, you can transform simple wedding gowns into something sophisticated and elegant. You can always complement your style with different accessories that will surely make you gorgeous once you walk down the aisle. Whether you are going to conduct a beach wedding or outdoor wedding, simple beach wedding dresses can look fabulously beautiful.

The trend for most brides these days is actually wearing total white dresses. It is not necessary to be too dramatic or themed on your wedding day, what is important is that you are able to wear casual wedding dresses that you could again wear for other occasions. The truth is that simple wedding gowns could really enhance the bride’s personality going for total pink, peach, plum-colored wedding gowns. When you hold your wedding outdoors, simple wedding gowns are safe to wear because they look warmer and would complement the calm environment of your wedding.

For the soon-to-be-bride like yourself, you can start selecting plain wedding dresses that would enhance your body figure. You can then search for accessories that will go with the color of your wedding gown. You can wear family heirlooms such as hairpins or jewelries to accessorize your dress. I am sure that this get-up on your wedding day will just be perfect for a bride like you who chose simplicity and elegance to shine during her wedding.

Popular Wedding Dress Styles – The A Line

You and your mate may have been getting to a point that you wanted to be together for life. Making your man involved in wedding planning is important to make sure that he is really into it. Wedding is one of the most important parts of womanhood. Not all are being blessed to experience wedding ceremonies.

For woman, it is also their time to shine and be the most beautiful woman at least for their special day. Although weddings highlight the couple, the bride will always be the center of attraction. It is definitely true, but do you know that in most weddings, the most awaited part is always the grand entrance of the bride. No matter what type of dress you are wearing, it could either be balloon type bridal gowns or A-line wedding dresses; the most important thing is that you are confident and comfortable in wearing it to make you look good.

If you are into wedding planning, it is important to give the bride some advice on modern wedding gowns. Usually, brides are overwhelmed by lots of wedding ideas and sometime do not pay attention to her body shape. A -line Dress is considered the best friend of all brides as it gives brides a good silhouette. A-line bridal dress will definitely look good for brides who are petite.

Simple bridal gown are usually designed with A-line skirt as it creates drama during silhouettes. It does not actually focus on curves but rather gave a bride better shape. A-line bridal gowns will fit in different wedding themes. Hawaii themed wedding that calls for beach bridal dress will never be out of theme even if those are A-line wedding gown.

Couples who have dreamed of a destination wedding plans ahead and needs a simple yet elegant gown that will make them travel light. Destination bridal gowns that are affordable and of course, it should be easy to carry. Some considers destination wedding with less guests, usually just the close friends and members of the family.

A-line wedding gown are suitable not only for the bride but it is also suitable for the bridesmaid and maid of honor. Wedding themes vary depending on season and time. A-line bridal dresses never goes out of style regardless of themes and season, your A-line wedding dresses will always bring that dramatic silhouettes.

In all cases, the budget is something to consider. Practically speaking, cheap wedding dresses will appear elegant if it is suitable for you wedding theme and if it looks good on you. It will definitely make the best out of you.

If you want a design that will surely fit your body shape, take the A-line wedding dresses. Whatever you wedding theme is, A-line is suitable for formal or informal wedding dresses.

Beautiful Weddings Start With Great Wedding Planning Strategies – Are You Prepared?

Let’s face it — modern wedding planning isn’t just nice to have — it’s downright necessary! But when you’re the bride-to-be, you might already be surrounded by so many decisions that need to be made, so how do you know where to begin? That’s easy — you need to come up with a strategic wedding plan that ties together all of the hopes and dreams that you have around your wedding day. It’s your special day, so why shouldn’t you make sure that it gets pulled off exactly the way that you want? Of course, you might think that it’s impossible to get everything to fall into place, but it really doesn’t have to be difficult!

Wedding Planning Doesn’t Have to Be Hard — Just Strategic!

No matter how much time that you have between now and the wedding, you have to think about great ideas for that life-changing day in a manner that gets you everything that you want. Strategy is very important when you’re trying to pull off a wedding, so plan accordingly. Pick up a notebook to stay organized and fill it with all of the wedding ideas that you have. You don’t have to focus on perfection at all — it’s more about figuring out what’s going to make you happy more than anything else.

Beautiful Wedding Considerations Are All Around You – Capture the Inspiration Now!

Brides find themselves often at a loss when it comes to good wedding ideas. A themed celebration is a superb idea, but what theme should you run with? Look through wedding books and magazines, but don’t stop there — the same guidebooks on home design and decor can also be helpful to you. Ask yourself what you would love to see come to life through proper wedding design and then go with that theme. You can also bounce ideas off people in your social network that have “been there, done that” — you never know what they’re going to think of for you!

Newly Engaged? Where to Start Your Wedding Planning?

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With your recent engagement, the task of planning your big day that lies ahead may seem overwhelming. After all, it is your wedding and anything ordinary won’t work. With a multitude of questions haunting you regarding all the minute details, what you need to remember is that you just cannot let all the tension and stress get the best of you.

Wedding planning is not just about the right venue and the appropriate decorations, there is more to it. Wedding preparations are more about all those little things that make a big difference and have the potential to turn a simple event into something of an extravaganza.

Your wedding ceremony is probably going to be the biggest party you and your partner are going to put together. Just make sure that you and your sweetheart are on the same page and you are all set to go. A few tips that will come in handy specifically endeavoured for the newly engaged as they plan their wedding are as follows:

Four Essentials for a Fairy Tale Wedding:

The Inevitable Engagement Party

Before you move ahead with the arrangements, enjoy the fact that you are engaged and this calls for an engagement party. Seek your friends’ help to arrange a fete to announce the news to your family and friends. It does not necessarily have to be something big and extravagant, just a preamble to all the frolic fun and festivity that your wedding will offer.

Determine the Budget

Financial concerns hold primary importance when it comes to wedding planning. Squandering money is not going to get you anywhere. The real charm is about arranging a wedding with expenses that do not give you nightmares for months to come. Prioritizing is the key. Separate the ‘must have’s’ from ‘nice to have’s’. Decide on a reasonable amount as a wedding is all about pulling off all the arrangements gracefully without leaving a hole in your pocket.

Decide On a Theme

If you think wedding arrangements are just about nice food and an enchanting wedding dress, think again. An impressive theme can make your wedding look like a scene straight out of some Hollywood movie. Whether your choice of theme is devilishly decadent or solely sophisticated, make sure that all your decorations go with it.

Wedding Venue

While some of you may want the same conservative church wedding, others may want to experiment with modern museums, graceful green backdrops or the more usual formal ballrooms. Since your wedding is not something that happens every other day, make sure that it turns out into a day that you will fondly remember for years to come.

With all the above suggestions, we hope that your wedding planning goes smoothly as you go through the transition from ‘engaged’ to ‘married’. Turning all your wedding ideas into a reality, it is time to garner some lasting memories for yourself and your guests.

Features to Look for in an Online Wedding Planning Tool

Online wedding planning tools are popping up everywhere, how do you know which one is right for you? Here’s my top eight list of must have features when selecting a planning tool:

Online RSVP – most wedding websites these days allow your guests to RSVP online. Be sure that your planning tool will let your guests enter their own contact details – this will save you a lot of time later on. You should expect the ability to let guests RSVP to multiple events and even select their menu preferences online. Some online planning tools go above and beyond and have additional features such as accommodation selections and more.

Payment Tracker – who wants to think about payments? Be sure that you can keep track of who paid for what, when each payment was made and by what method. A payment tracker should also calculate the total upcoming payments so you can manage your cash flow and also send you email reminders when payments are coming due.

Seating Planner – if you’re planning a formal seating arrangement for your wedding reception, there’s nothing like being able to do this online. You should be able to sort your guests by group (eg. Work friends, family, etc) so it makes it easier to seat your guests. An added bonus is if the tool allows you to create a map of your hall so you can place tables, assign a specific number of chairs to each table and print this off and give it your banquet hall.

Wedding Websites – this has to be your number one priority! Wedding websites are so much fun, they let you share your unique story online, allow your guests to leave you comments and best of all are a great place to share your wedding pictures. Look for a tool that offers wedding websites, some even have matching stationery to go with your website, how cute is that?

Smartphone Friendly – wedding planning happens all the time, everywhere. You’re not just going to plan your wedding sitting at your labtop, you’ll be on the go, checking things out all the time. Make sure you can access your planning tool with your smartphone. If not everything, at least the important things like vendor contact info. You should also be able to take pictures of things you like and upload them to your account so it’s easy to keep track of things you like.

Task Delegation – a planning tool that let’s you delegate tasks online, even better is one that sends automatic email reminders to the person in charge of the task and also alerts you once tasks have been completed. Most planning tools also give you a calendar where you can set task completion due dates and more.
Image and File Upload – this is the second thing you need to look for. Being able to store files online is invaluable, it means you’ll never lose things like contracts, pictures of things you like,etc and the added bonus is that you can access these files from anywhere.

No advertisements, banners or sharing of your information – This might be a no brainer, but there are a lot of free planning tools available, remember you get what you pay for. Take your planning tool seriously, it’s a tool that is there to help you plan your wedding and shouldn’t be a way of someone to advertise services to you.

Wedding Preparation – Flowers for Wedding Decoration

Everyone will say yes and agree that the wedding day is one of the biggest days of their life. This is the moment for beauty and romance. That is why the marriage organizers will prepare everything to make this moment become the unforgettable one. Remember that proper coordination is the key to look best. Wedding flowers are a part of their preparations that can add the beauty value of a marriage.

Selecting the impeccable flowers can astound your guests, actually. That is why you should choose the right ones that will make your wedding more beautiful. Sometimes, people get difficult and can even be stressful in doing this as there are so many options. Moreover, they do not know where to start.

As you know, everyone has their own wedding budget, style and theme. Some people think that they should manage the budget as wedding flowers can be very expensive. You don’t have to be worried with this thought actually, as there are many tips and advices out there that can help you in getting the right ones without breaking your bank.

In choosing flowers for your special day, you have to set a budget first and stick with it. This must be done realistically so that you can manage the budget for others. After that, you can start research them. In this step, you have to consider about the wed date as there are some flowers that may not be available because it depends on the season.

Get some help from the florists can be a good idea for you. If you go with this, you can start to contact a florist who can understand what you want and even take this job seriously by following precise instructions perfectly. In the marriage, flower indeed play an important role, though so you have to keep in your mind that simplicity is best and certainly cheaper. That is why you don’t need to overuse this item so you can cut your bill for this thing.

Successfully Combine Patterns in Your Wedding Decor

Pattern can be a wonderful design element to use in your wedding décor. It can add so much character and personality to a wedding that it should definitely be considered as one of the most important parts of your design scheme. You can take your wedding décor to the next level by learning how to successfully combine patterns for even greater impact.

There are many fun things about patterns. They add texture, visual interest and depth, and are an easy way to introduce multiple colors. Each type of pattern also has its own unique feeling that it will bring to a wedding. For instance, a simple country check is casual, a fleur-de-lis is regal, and stripes are fresh and crisp. Whatever style you are going for, you can use the appropriate print to convey your message and theme with grace.

The key to pairing patterns is to choose ones that complement each other. Most importantly, they should have the same vibe. In other words, if your primary print is a Victorian inspired dusty floral, a bold mod circle design just would not make any sense with it. On the other hand, mix your Victorian floral with a rich tartan and you will have a design scheme worthy of an English country home. As for the mod circles, a wavy stripe print would be the ideal companion.

Beyond matching the basic genre of your prints, you should also take into consideration elements such as color and scale. Two disparate designs can become an intriguing combination if they share the same color palette. Even patterns that more easily combine will benefit from having at least one color in common as a unifying element. For example, if you were having an elegant beach wedding, you could combine a classic blue and white seashell print with a nautical blue, white, and yellow stripe for a lovely effect.

Scale is important, too. If you want to combine two floral patterns, one large and exuberant print can be accented by a tiny sprig design. That way, one pattern is primary and the other is secondary. Two very large scale prints would just be overwhelming. On the other hand, be careful not to choose a complementary pattern that is too wimpy if your main print is very bold. The oversized brocade prints that are so in vogue look like the ultimate in chic design when paired with an equally bold stripe, whereas a dainty pinstripe would just get lost.

Once you have selected your patterns, it is time to start mixing them. An easy place to start is with the wedding invitations. One pattern can be on the invitation itself, and the secondary print can be used as the envelope lining. The table linens are another great place to combine design elements. For a country wedding, try traditional red gingham tablecloths with napkins made in a bandanna print. Other patterns to consider for wedding décor would be plaids, paisleys, scrollwork, and toile.

If your wedding is not overly formal, a terrific look is to use two prints on the bridesmaid dresses. A strapless toile dress can be made extra special with the addition of a bias cut stripe stitched on to the hems. When your bridesmaid dresses are fairly busy, stick with simple jewelry like a nice pearl strand. Pearl bridesmaid jewelry makes a wonderful wedding gift from the bride, and it will not compete with a patterned dress.

Once you get the hang of it, combining patterns can be really fun. If done well, it is possible to mix and match three or even four prints for a truly unique design scheme. Your pattern combinations are a wonderful way to put your own personal stamp on your wedding décor.

Tips For Beach Wedding Decorations

One thing you need to remember when preparing for beach wedding is decorations need not be expensive. Optimize the space you have outdoors and use a couple of lanterns and you’re able to transform the outside setting into a magical place.

For sunset beach weddings, for example, think about the orientation of the place. Do you want to be married facing the beach or with your backs turned against it – so that the beach serves as your backdrop for the wedding?

Consider your wedding march. You need to place a long red carpet for your traditional march. And, what a lovely sight it’s going to be when you walk along a lighted path made of paper lanterns towards the makeshift altar adorned with swags of soft and sheer fabrics and lovely flowers in vases and hanging tea lights! For sure, you’d look stunningly beautiful in your bridal gown.

The tables need not be expensive as well. Just cover it with a white table cloth and hang huge bows behind the chair, you will already get the effect most hotels have in their ballrooms. You may put highlights on the table by placing small candelabras or vases of flowers. For a more romantic look, throw in some petals in your tables to give that feminine and soft look.

If you have floating candles, a great way to use it is to place at least three of them in a bowl and let the candles swim in it. The candles will add lighting to your tables with hanging lanterns illuminating the whole area.

So, for that upcoming beach wedding, be bolder in expressing your individuality. It’s your day. Make it happen the way you dreamt about it.

Great Beauty Tips – Which Cosmetics Create the Perfect Finish?

Cosmetics manufacturers can only sell us good quality products and ‘hope’, according to Revson. It is the users’ responsibility to use them in a recommended manner. If you don’t use and apply good cosmetics, you might look worse than you look naturally – the effort of making yourself beautiful is only a dream.

Do you remember the college era when you or your colleague laughed on a girl who made herself a clown by not applying the make-up properly? It happened with most of the people and perhaps you might be the victim of it. Learn correct make-up techniques before someone laughs on you again.

When people laugh upon you, believe me, it is pretty hard to bear. You will likely to lose the self-confidence when people start passing comments and laughing on you for a thing which you did mistakenly – in fact, ignorantly!

Remember! Ignorance is no EXCUSE, especially in this age of information. Here we tell you some fabulous beauty tips which will help you in applying cosmetics properly and enhancing your self-confidence.


The volume in mascara is used for in-depth look to your eyes. For maximize volume, always go for mascaras which are designed for the purpose. Ask the seller, if you have any doubts.

Nail Polish

Always apply clear base coast before applying colored polish. The rule of thumb is to apply nail varnish in three strokes; down the center and one down the both remaining sides.

Use dark shades for a delicate look and pale or light shades for short and thick hands. Short fingered women only apply polish to the center of the nail. Whether you have large or small nails, paint them completely.

Don’t forget to keep cotton wool pads and nail polish remover with you as you might need them if you slip up. Remember that two thin coats can dry faster than one thick coat. Never apply top coat if the polish is wet – wait until it dries properly.

With regards to the toe polishing, use a stool to put your foot on it while polishing them – avoid polishing them in the standing position – sit comfortably. You can use cotton wool if you don’t have toe separators.


It is recommended that you should clear your makeup before going to sleep at night. It looks really over, if you apply foundation over an unwashed face in the next morning.
Remember that you must clear your face completely before applying a fresh foundation.

Whenever applying the foundation, make sure that you have turned on all the lights of the room – make the room as bright as possible. It is very hard to see the actual tone of a color in a dark or dim room.


Choosing a fragrance is perhaps the most difficult task, at least for me. As all people or not same, their skin types are not same either – their skins may react differently to perfumes. Generally, floral scents are considered calming and refreshing – they suit best in summer.

Don’t test over 4 perfumes at a time as it might bewilder your selection. Leave the tested perfumes for 3-5 minutes to settle. Never rely on smelling perfumes directly from bottles, always dab or spray onto your skin.

You may smell coffee beans after 3-4 tests – it helps you in refreshing your smell sense. Further, the best places for applying perfumes are: the inner writs, behind the ears, and lower neck.


The blusher should match to the natural color of your cheeks. Always try to use the blusher of your skin color. In evenings, use dark colors – you can go with lighter colors in the day light.

Lips and Face Powder

To avoid bleeding and have a lasting effect, apply face powder on the lips.


Always ensure that your lip-liner is almost of the same color/shade as your lipstick is. The pencil is properly sharp and moving smoothly. At all times, apply the lip-liner along the lips and before the lipstick. Start applying it from the center and move smoothly towards its edges – do this with the both lips. Never apply a lip-liner in haste as it could ruin all your make-up efforts.


Before applying eyeliner, always warm the pencil on the back of your hand. When lining the upper lid, look upwards and apply it from below the lashes to make a fine line. You may apply it on lower lashes if your eyes are small.

Never make a thick black line around or across the lid – it is one of the most common mistakes which women do every day. In addition, don’t apply eyeliner in a hurry.